3 Unique Home Based Business Opportunities That You Can Start Today

You walk to the beat of your own drum. You prefer the road less traveled over the six lane freeway. You’re a free spirit and you prefer being in control of your destiny. So it’s no surprise that you’ve decided to join a home based business opportunity.But you don’t want to be a part of just any old business opportunity. You want something that stands out. Something that will make people sit up and take notice. You want a unique home based business opportunity that sells a one of a kind product you will enjoy building a business around.For those of you looking for a different way to make money, here are three unique home based business opportunities that you can start today.Selling Starry SkiesI would say that selling stars is a truly unique home based business opportunity. Because the city lights are too bright to see the night sky clearly, many people are missing out on the joy of star gazing. However, a few companies have found a way to bring the stars to the customer by selling custom painted ceilings.Ceilings are decorated with stars using a special glow in the dark paint, giving people the pleasure of picking out the constellations from the comfort of their bed. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be an artist to get started with this business. There are several companies, such as StarScapes, GloMania and Glow Inc, that offer easy entry into this unique home business opportunity.Selling SurvivalThe world is a perilous place. Everyday there are news reports of natural and man-made disasters happening around the world. And yet, only a small percentage of us are prepared to handle a major emergency.If you are more of a realist and prefer to deal with practical products, try selling survival kits. These survival kits contain all the supplies needed to support a person for three days, including water and food bars. If promoting emergency preparedness sounds like the right home based business opportunity for you, check out the company QuakeDog for more information about their distributorships.Shop to Earn Shopping PortalAre you a fashionista? Is Extreme Home Makeover your favorite television show? Do you love getting a great deal? Then a Shop to Earn shopping portal may be a home based business opportunity more suited to your style.Shop to Earn, and its sister site Shop to Earth, is an internet shopping portal that brings together big name stores under one website. You earn money, in the form of cash back bonuses, every time you or someone you refer buys something using your Shop to Earn website. This is a great home business opportunity because you get to earn money shopping from the comfort of your home.Finding a unique home based business opportunity that fits in with your life and personality is important to your success as an entrepreneur. Once you find the perfect one, your passion for the product will help you build to the profitable business of your dreams.

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