Site Promotion – How to Attract Visitors Who Are Ready to Buy

There are countless ways to promote your website on the Internet. Every website marketing strategy has pros and cons; however, there is one Internet marketing strategy that stands head and shoulders above the rest. As you may have already learned, not all traffic is equally beneficial in terms of profit. Some sites attract enormous numbers of visitors, yet this traffic is so untargeted that the conversion rates are incredibly low and very few products are sold. Websites can make more money from less traffic if the traffic is highly targeted and presold on you and your product. The marketing strategy below will help you identify and attract those visitors who have already demonstrated an interest in what you have to offer and are ready to buy.

Article marketing, the practice of posting articles on article submission sites for distribution across the Web, delivers more quality visitors than any other free marketing method currently practiced on the Web. Why? The visitors who come to your page from a link in an article have already been exposed to your brand. Unlike the short snippets seen in Google search results or the short messages that accompany PPC or banner ads, articles give the reader an opportunity to learn more about what you have to offer. If a person clicks the link in an article, they have already been “sold” to some extent – and now they want to learn more. Begin writing short (250 to 500 word), high-quality articles and posting them on sites like in the appropriate category. Include hard-hitting facts and information, then provide a direct link to your site. As an added bonus, the links created from the articles will improve the page rank of the target page in the search engine results.

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